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cleartarn operates a number of demonstration sites and if you would like us to set up a 'no obligations' site for you to test, please contact us.

Property System.

The cleartarn property system and property portal feed system demonstration site can be found here.

CMS Demonstration System

The cleartarn demonstration Content Management System site can be found here.

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Membership System Secure Solutions

cleartarn Group Membership Administration

The secure cleartarn membership system provides an easy to use group administration system that is always available online. It is simple to use and update and ensures that everyone who needs access is using current information.

The membership system is ideal for any group or organisation which needs to access its members’ details at any time. The event, resource planning and scheduling make it ideal for clubs, support organisations, schools, sports teams etc. particularly for activities at changing locations.

Security and storage:

  • Full 2048 bit SSL site security
  • We don't share your information
  • User set permission levels for system access
  • Hosted on secure European and US servers
  • Servers provide full data recovery backups
  • No limit on membership numbers
  • No storage space limitations
  • Organisations can be public or private
  • U.K. Data Protection Act registered


Accessible from any internet connected device including mobile devices:

  • Access emergency contacts for your members
  • Update your personal information
  • Contact search
  • Access and update your logbooks

Included Modules

Event Planner

Comprehensive event planner including calendar, timings, joining instructions plus:

  • Resources type required
  • Volunteers for each resource required
  • Attendee list
  • Issue invitations
  • Automatic contact and emergency contact list
  • Automatic email reminders

Renewals system

Create unlimited renewal categories for membership and resource types. Each member can be attached to any number of groups. Identify groups needing renewals, or groups of qualification holders to use as event resources:

  • Membership renewal groups
  • Qualification renewals
  • Resource type groups
  • Training groups and levels
  • Automatic email reminders
  • Custom mass emails and attachments

Hire System

Hire out equipment and other resources to members. Track where equipment is and where it is due to be:

  • Unlimited equipment groups
  • Attach condition photos
  • Online availability confirmation
  • Remove equipment from service
  • Track overdue returns
  • Email hire reminders

Paypal Payments

Members can make Paypal or credit payments to your organisation using the secure Paypal payments link. No credit card information is stored by the Membership system.

Accounts System

Simple Income and Expenditure transaction recording:

  • Attach documents to transaction
  • Link transactions to events, users or renewals
  • Automatically update renewal dates for next subscription
  • Comprehensive user specified transaction reports
  • Bank reconciliation
  • Income and Expenditure Report by any period
  • Petty cash movements recording
  • Simple VAT recording

Fixed Asset Register

Comprehensive asset data, photographs and attachments:

  • Links to the equipment hire module
  • Calculates depreciation over any time period
  • Each asset can have its own depreciation rate
  • Depreciation calculated accurately by days
  • Update field to record depreciation at the last accounts date
  • Unlimited asset groups and asset types
  • Comprehensive user specified depreciation reports
  • Summary asset group report
  • Records asset disposals and sale proceeds

Document Storage

Twelve access controlled document storage areas for you to upload, store and control access to your organisation's documentation. Making it available to everyone who needs it at all times.

News System

  • Quick news page for member news
  • Comprehensive organisation news system
  • Publish and unpublish articles
  • Publish articles that other organisations can see

Personal Logbooks

Each member can create and record information and upload files in member customisable logbooks.

Cost effective

The membership system expands as you grow. Starting from a site only through to 1,000's of members, the system will simply grow with you. For example, up to 50 members is only £6.25 per month - 12.5p per member!



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Add complex calculations and database lookups for customer products and services.



As your business grows or changes cleartarn websites provide enormous flexibility for change.

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cleartarn brings a personal and cost effective approach to every project we work on, we believe it's why our clients keep coming back.

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