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cleartarn operates a number of demonstration sites and if you would like us to set up a 'no obligations' site for you to test, please contact us.

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The cleartarn property system and property portal feed system demonstration site can be found here.

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The cleartarn demonstration Content Management System site can be found here.

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Most companies spend a considerable amount of time passing information to their customers and suppliers. This is often done in ohone calls and emails. Broadly these contacts can either add value to a business by providing opportunities to sell or up-sell products or are an inconvenience both for the company or person making the call and the company receiving it. Much of the information customers and suppliers need is contained in the systems that a business operates. cleartarn can help to share that information to your customers and suppliers without compromising the security of your existing systems. This can significantly improve communications and also reduce costs.

Most back office systems can generate information into reports or data files which can then be read by other systems. cleartarn has significant experience of designing web portals which manage the user login security and then retrieve data for display to the customer or supplier. This data is retrieved from data exported from back office systems and is not read directly from the systems themselves. By approaching the problem in this way direct external access to internal databases is prevented maintaining the integrity and robustness of internal controls.

Systems can contain not only commercial data, but can also perform complex data lookups and perform engineering or structural calculations for users or help to determine which product suits their requirements.

Beyond this systems can also include online payment modules so that customers can either order or pay invoices directly using PayPal, WorldPay etc through secure online portals.

Systems are custom designed, but utilise a number of standard modules thereby reducing costs. Systems can be provided with SSL certification to give users greater confidence about the authenticity of your site and dealing with your company.

If you would like to read more about how this might work for your business please see our blog post 'Where next for online systems?'. and if you would like to discuss how systems like this might work for your business please contact us.



Updating your website should only involve design changes - not completely new content.



Systems designed to meet your exact business requirements.



Add complex calculations and database lookups for customer products and services.



As your business grows or changes cleartarn websites provide enormous flexibility for change.

Choose a powerful HTML 5 responsive database driven website.

cleartarn brings a personal and cost effective approach to every project we work on, we believe it's why our clients keep coming back.

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