Demonstration Sites

cleartarn operates a number of demonstration sites and if you would like us to set up a 'no obligations' site for you to test, please contact us.

Property System.

The cleartarn property system and property portal feed system demonstration site can be found here.

CMS Demonstration System

The cleartarn demonstration Content Management System site can be found here.

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360° Website Images and Virtual Tours See much more!

cleartarn 360° Website Images and Virtual Tours

360 Degree Tours, 360 Views, Video Tours and Active Plans can bring you web pages, products, locations and services to life. A host of features can be included in each module including text, videos, photo albums etc.

All of the modules can be added to any website and are fully responsive and touch controllable. Views are positionally controlled (rotate with the device) on mobiles and tablets. Views can also be zoomed in and out on with the viewpoint and direction shown on the on screen plan.

Click the links below to explore the 360 degree effects which can be created anf get ideas for your products and services.

360 Degree Virtual Tour

Explore any location with connecting navigation icons.

Entire 360 degree virtual tours can be constructed containing text, images, slide shows as well as the 360 images. The user can guide themselves around the location or property. The images are then prepared to be displayed on a website and linked together to create a tour.

360 Degree Room View

Dsiplay the entire room layout.

A single 360 degree virtual tour comprising of a 360 degree image to display a room which is then prepared for display on a website. Ideal for displaying properties, installed products, production facilities, showrooms etc. Text and slide shows can be attached to the image as hotspot links.

360 Degree View

Create stunning location views.

A simpler version of the 360 degree virtual tour comprising of a single 360 degree image t display a view which is then prepared for display on a website. Ideal for displaying gardens, locations etc.

Video Slide Tour

Create engaging slide tour videos.

The video tour is essentially a slide show which is joined up to form a video. Videos can then be added to YouTube or other social media platforms. Ideal for displaying products, facilities and properties.

Slide Tour

Pellentesque habitant morbi tristique.

Automatically creates a slide tour from property images which zooms in and out and which can also be presented to Rightmove, OTM etc. as a Video Tour.

Active Plan

Active Floor Plans locate images to plan locations.

Active plans provide 'hot spot' locations on a plan or map to allow users to view images - including 350 virtual tour images for each hot spot. Active plans can also include text slides and image slideshows.



Updating your website should only involve design changes - not completely new content.



Systems designed to meet your exact business requirements.



Add complex calculations and database lookups for customer products and services.



As your business grows or changes cleartarn websites provide enormous flexibility for change.

Choose a powerful HTML 5 responsive database driven website.

cleartarn brings a personal and cost effective approach to every project we work on, we believe it's why our clients keep coming back.

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